Many people have questions about the first and subsequent visits: how long it takes, what’s involved, how much does it cost, while I get adjusted on the first day?  Here are a few answers:

  • A conversation with Dr. John is always complimentary.  You can ask any question about your health and how Dr. John believes he would be able to help based on your concerns and health goals.
  • If it sounds like he can help, then a first day spine check is in order
    • He will check your spine, check joints outside the spine (shoulder, knee, hip, etc), perform indicated orthopedic or neurological checks.
    • A first day spine check takes about 60-75 minutes.
    • he may recommend x-rays.  X-rays are very important. He uses Posture Ray to MEASURE your x-rays.  See x-ray section under our services.
    • on the first visit on the second visit, he will recommend what to do next
    • Most of the time, the first adjustment happens on the second visit, after Dr. John has time to review the first day check, and analyze x-rays.
      • first day spine check with imaging review is $100.
      • first day spine check with imaging review, with adjustment is $150.
      • If it sounds like we can help you, the cost our first day check/evaluation ranges from $50-100.
        • Health insurance may reduce the cost of the first day check or subsequent care.  If that information is available, your plan has chiropractic benefits, and your deductible has been met, your responsibility for the first day may be less.
      • subsequent visits take 5-25 minutes depending on what we do.
      • Dr. John would be happy to address any concerns about care, time, and costs.

Please call our office at (201) 677-3600 if you have any questions or concerns about what to expect.