As our major premise and guiding principle, we emphasize the spine and central nervous system as the master control center of the body, directing health and movement. The spine is also the center of the golf swing, and directly provides for coordinated movements, and postural stability in the game of golf.  We strive to make your spine stronger, to play golf more efficiently, with less injury, for the duration of your golf career. 

Efficient movement of the spine is ESSENTIAL to generate speed and power in the golf swing.  

Forces from the ground MUST go through the spine, to be transmitted to the arms, hands, and eventually, the golf club.

The lower body, upper body, arms, and golf club must accelerate in a particular order, then decelerate in a particular order, to create speed and power.

This sequence is directed by the BRAIN, as communicated through the SPINAL COLUMN.

Chiropractic care facilitates necessary movement, stability, strength, and communication through the spine so you can play your best golf.    

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