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NEW: Dr. John is transitioning to a new, multimodal communication platform that is secure and convenient. Current practice members, prospective practice members, and other practitioners can connect directly to Dr. John by phone, text message, fax, document sharing, video chat and more. It’s called Spruce.

Follow the link below to download the smart phone app to your smart phone, and and yourself directly to Dr. John’s practice.


The Spruce app is good for health information, insurance information, reports from other doctors. This is more secure and HIPAA compliant than traditional text messaging or email.

You are always able to call and text Dr. John at 201-677-3600.

Please note: Appointment requests through Appointfix, Square and Spruce Health access is reserved for patients and practitioners communicating with Dr. John. Marketing requests and solicitation requests are not available through those channels. Thank you for your consideration.