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Dr. Gould provides mobile, in-home concierge chiropractic services centered around Upper Saddle River, NJ/Bergen County.

What Our Patients Say

I have had a great experience as a patient of Dr. John Gould. I have seen several chiropractors over the years and Dr. Gould tops them all in terms of his broad and deep understanding of the chiropractic field. But he has a way of communicating some vary detailed anatomy and science and research in a way that I always understand. I like to understand why I am having neck issues, not just get them "fixed"--Dr. Gould gives the fix and the understanding. On top of that, he has a good "bedside manner" ("tableside"?) and seems invested in me getting and staying better. Not like some chiropractors who just go through the motions and turn you out of the office as fast as possible. Dr. Gould is a very good find.

TS. Ridgewood, NJ

As a physician, I am very critical of the care that I receive from other professionals. When my lower back pain became too much to tolerate, I sought out the care of Dr. John Gould. I am an avid golfer, and his expertise in the care of golfers came highly recommended. After years of self treatment and medications, I sought out Dr Gould's opinion. His professionalism and knowledge of spine and hip disorders was amazing. After evaluation of my condition, with X-rays and hands on manipulation, he determined the cause of my pain. We have worked on many aspects of my posture, core strengthening, and even my golf swing. Today, my back pain is resolved, and when I feel it returning, or I do something to aggravate it, I see Dr Gould for an adjustment. I cannot praise him enough for his breadth of knowledge, bedside manner, and professionalism.

JV Ramsey, NJ

Dr. Gould is the best! I have been ailing for over one year with back pain and strain, mostly from my golf game but also from years of poor posture at work. Dr Gould has given me a thorough examination, including X-rays to evaluate my spine and hips. He easily found the cause of my discomfort, and with manipulation has improved my pain significantly. We now work on posture improvement, routine adjustments, and therapy at home to keep me strong and pain free. Thanks you Dr. Gould!!

NV. Franklin Lakes, NJ

Dr. Gould is truly a master of his craft. With a focus in the Golf and sports industry, he has a wide range of knowledge to help solve a whole array of ailments. I came to him after suffering from a ski injury with back pain that simply would not go away. Dr. Gould was extremely kind and compassionate and was able to quickly identify what was wrong. After just one adjustment he was able to make my back pain go completely away!! Only regret is that I just wished I would have found him sooner

TB. Jersey City, NJ

Dr. Gould is really very recommended. I have had lingering back issues from weight lifting for years, and he does such a great job of not only alleviating the pain, but explaining how to prevent against future irritation. I own a local gym and have recommended clients visit Mainspring because I know they're in excellent care with Dr. Gould.

Cory C.

I have been going to John’s practice for a couple months now and all I can say is that he is fantastic in his practice. He is very interactive with his patients. I would recommend him a 10/10 for anyone looks for a chiropractor.

George P.

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